Cyril Gordon | Jews for Jesus

Cyril Gordon serves as a missionary in the Los Angeles branch of Jews for Jesus.  Cyril was born to a Karaite Jewish family in France. After his parents divorced, Cyril and his mother moved to San Francisco. After his Bar Mitzvah, Gordon led a very secular lifestyle studying art at the University of California in Santa Barbara. There he was drawn to Eastern Religion and philosophy and eventually Orthodox Judaism. Soon he began to seriously search for meaning in life but he was not sure where to turn. In 1989 his spiritual journey led him to Israel where he studied art and rabbinic Judaism in Jerusalem. It was in the land of the Bible he became convinced that the Scriptures are true. Cyril returned to Southern California. On a hiking trip in Joshua Tree National Park he experienced a revelation of Jesus in the desert. But instead of turning to Jesus, he sought out a Kabbalistic rabbi in Los Angeles. In his meetings with this mystic he never found convincing answers to his deep spiritual needs. A Christian friend recognized Cyril’s journey and mailed him a box of Christian books. He devoured the literature. Cyril realized that Moses and the Hebrew prophets really did speak of Jesus. It was in a dream he says Jesus showed him it was “time to come home.” Gordon finally repented the following morning, accepting Jesus as the Messiah of Israel and his personal “sin-bearer”. Gordon says, That was the best day of my life.” Since that time, Cyril has found the inner peace he’s always thirsted for and has been set free from spiritual slavery.

Cyril is married to Rhonda who’s also a Jewish believer in Jesus. The Gordons have three children: Gabriella, Daniel, and Yoseph. Cyril has been with Jews for Jesus since 2000, and has served on seven major evangelistic campaigns.