Mike & Renu Sunker | Christ Church Christian Care Centre, South Africa

Mike & Renu Sunker run the Christ Church Christian Care Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Centre aims to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus in a practical way to the homeless, destitute, & needy by creating a self-sustainable children’s home in order to provide a decent home for aids orphans, children from both dysfunctional homes & the streets, and for post matriculants. They have 64 children in their care with all the school age children attending school. The children’s home is also a platform from where the church can present the gospel & reach out to the local community offering both physical and spiritual help. Their ministries include: providing a home for babies, toddlers, & teens; Bible teaching & counseling; a weekly lunch-time service & soup kitchen for street children; a worship service on Sunday’s; and an HIV Aids ministry.

Find more information at: www.5cees.co.za or drop a note of encouragement at the email below.