Here at CBC, we are passionate about making our times of worship deep and powerful. We believe that God doesn’t ask us to simply put on a happy face and go through the motions, but rather to offer up our whole hearts in worship as a sacrifice of praise. We believe there is power in corporate prayer as we all lift up one voice in worship to praise a God who is faithful through every season.

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Britney is a Ventura native with a passion for God, ministry and music! Her passion for music began in church choir at age four where she sang her first solo and eventually led her to write, record and release her first album by age 16. She began leading worship in 2010 on the tail end of a five-year touring campaign and has since served as a worship director or leader for several churches in Ventura County. Her biggest passion is using music to reach those who are without hope and teach them about the amazing hope found in a perfect and loving father. She has served as a missionary overseas in Eastern Europe reaching women enslaved to human trafficking and currently mentors young girls in Ventura County who have been victims of human trafficking.

She has been married to her best friend, Jonny Miller, since 2013. They just had their first, incredible son in September of 2017. Britney feels completely blessed to serve as the Worship Director at CBC while being a mom and continuing ministry in the community! To read her blog or listen to her music, visit: www.britneychristian.com